The power of a DAO in real time (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation)

In a startup, the only people who really know the terms of an equity deal would be the two or three co-founders and the funds providing the capital. The precise terms may even be forever buried in non-disclosure agreements.

Naturally, the key tradeoff here is time. With just a few heads making decisions, plans can move quickly.

But if you consider the sheer size of a DAO community, then the process seems to be still pretty fast. Perhaps more importantly, everyone also has an opportunity to participate transparently.

Customer Revenue Optimisation platform

Use-case: CenturyLink (this company is a member of the S&P 500 index and the Fortune 500) An interesting use of AI (Artifical Intelligence) for increase revenue due to a better use of available data. Due to a long history of mergers and acquisitions, CenturyLink (a telecom company now offering a bunch of digital services suchContinue reading “Customer Revenue Optimisation platform”

SaaS businesses seem to have a good evolution at stock exchanges these times

A Software-as-a-Service company offers software from the cloud to its users I touched the issue of SaaS (“Software as a Service”) in this post, when I discussed the delivery form of this software, looking more like a services and a little bit about differences compared to classic licensing model. Companies that offer SaaS seem toContinue reading “SaaS businesses seem to have a good evolution at stock exchanges these times”

Python on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) for those who do not know Linux

A convenient way and secure enough to code in python language on Windows using a Virtual Private Server VPS (Virtual Private Server) on Windows is nowadays a convenient use to code in Python if you don’t know Linux. Why a VPS? If you do not want to buy a computer, also if you want aContinue reading “Python on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) for those who do not know Linux”

ChowNow platform partners with Instagram

Los Angeles restaurant ordering based platform will add “Order Food” buttons and stickers. Local restaurants aided this way Food pictures and videos on Instagram are widely used. Users will be able to easily order because buttons and stickers will link directly to ChowNow to complete order flow. It’s a great marketing tool for restaurants, saidContinue reading “ChowNow platform partners with Instagram”