I work in team with a group of professionals in a Law, Accounting and General Advisory (including information technology) at

www. penenden.com

as well as independently,

helping C-level executives (CIO, CISO, CTO)


If you have a project I can help with as an independent consultant, or a business proposition please write to my LinkedIn account. In principle, I grant ok to all requests for connection on that social network. I check regularly for messages and upon receiving your message will contact you in time by phone or email. For rates click Contact.

For more complex projects for which information technology is not a major part, please drop me an email at Penenden (gabriel.dumitrescu@penenden.com)

  • The power of a DAO in real time (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation)

    August 2, 2022 by

    In a startup, the only people who really know the terms of an equity deal would be the two or three co-founders and the funds providing the capital. The precise terms may even be forever buried in non-disclosure agreements.

    Naturally, the key tradeoff here is time. With just a few heads making decisions, plans can move quickly.

    But if you consider the sheer size of a DAO community, then the process seems to be still pretty fast. Perhaps more importantly, everyone also has an opportunity to participate transparently.

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