The power of a DAO in real time (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation)

In a startup, the only people who really know the terms of an equity deal would be the two or three co-founders and the funds providing the capital. The precise terms may even be forever buried in non-disclosure agreements.

Naturally, the key tradeoff here is time. With just a few heads making decisions, plans can move quickly.

But if you consider the sheer size of a DAO community, then the process seems to be still pretty fast. Perhaps more importantly, everyone also has an opportunity to participate transparently.

Python code to place trades with (a Japan) exchange – Part 3

In the present article I am continuing the construction of a trading bot in Python that I am suggesting is able to work 24/7 and to bring a positive result consistently. The goal is to implement no manual trades placed with the crypto-exchange (eventually manual trades will be only on exceptional basis i.e. justContinue reading “Python code to place trades with (a Japan) exchange – Part 3”

Python code to place trades with (a Japan) exchange – Part 2

In this article (continued from this one) I am going to play with Python a little bit. So, I will check whether a Python library installed previously (ccxt) is fit for purpose. I need to make some GET requests to’s API in order to retrieve some data and send some POST requests to placeContinue reading “Python code to place trades with (a Japan) exchange – Part 2”

Python code to place trades with (a Japan) exchange

I wanted to start a trading experience using automation in Python, just for fun and to see if I suck at trading or I gain something. Normally, trading in cryptocurrencies is a high risk activity, but I have decided I can throw a couple thousands EURO in this experiment. Who knows, maybe I am goodContinue reading “Python code to place trades with (a Japan) exchange”

A new digital assets exchange

Gets funding in a non-usual way An IPO. Nothing new. Business: provides services in trading digital assets. It was done already such a business. Amount: 117 millions US dollars. It was done before, such amount is not unachievable. So what is new? SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)-approved IPO is the first of its kind: investorsContinue reading “A new digital assets exchange”