Software licensing vs. SaaS (“Software-as-a-Service”)

Cloud is more and more used to deliver IT related services under the form of software applications and systems A comparison between Cloud software (SaaS) and classical Software licensing: As a form of delivery of software, the difference is whether what is delivered is a tangible product or not. SaaS is not a tangible productContinue reading “Software licensing vs. SaaS (“Software-as-a-Service”)”

Snyk – 1 billion (possible) valuation

Their model Snyk innovation is to fit security in the development process. In any development software company, during their development process, a separate security team takes the code offline and reviews it checking vulnerabilities in code (non necessarily aiming to find bugs). For example, they look into code and detect risks and recommends protecting againstContinue reading “Snyk – 1 billion (possible) valuation”

Plaid acquired by VISA

5.3 billion acquisition Visa is buying fintech Plaid (a company that it is now used by an estimated 25% of consumers in US, connecting users to 11,000 financial institutions). Amount of deal: $5.3 billion. Plaid offers technology that allows consumers to link their bank accounts to its 2,600 fintech clients. Here there are included peer-to-peerContinue reading “Plaid acquired by VISA”

40 millions EUR investment round for a French mobile app (Lydia)

French startup Lydia is raising a $45 million Series B round (€40 million). Tencent is leading the round. Payments peer-ro-peer as their main business model now they shifted to a marketplace of financial products, such as borrowing (up to EUR 1000) in seconds, get a free credit when you open a bank account (cool!), home insurance (nice!)Continue reading “40 millions EUR investment round for a French mobile app (Lydia)”

Innovation management: Governing the enterprise IT – (part 1)

How to measure Left column below shows how an enterprise (a company in general) gains value from innovation, achieve these objectives and then maintains a culture of innovation. Right column: how to measure what is in the left column I hope these hints will arm CIO/CTOs with tools that will allow them to consider filteringContinue reading “Innovation management: Governing the enterprise IT – (part 1)”