Fidelity analysts: Chinese companies to thrive post-COVID-19

China did shut down travel, western countries did not shut down economy during virus spread My opinion is that diferent countries will recover on different timeframes after COVID-19. It depends on when the pandemy started to spread in the relevant country and, of course, the extent of spread. Ironically, it seems that the most andContinue reading “Fidelity analysts: Chinese companies to thrive post-COVID-19”

Smart speaker sales worldwide – new records

Global smart speaker sales reached 45% year-on-year in Q4 2019 Do you want to set timers or reminders, or do Internet searches or check your calendar using voice? If combined with additional software as well as devices, smart speakers are used to control home functions by voice such as locking doors or turning the lightContinue reading “Smart speaker sales worldwide – new records”

MC (MasterCard) in China?

Approval obtained from People’s Bank of China (PBoC) to begin formal preparation to set up a bank card clearing institution in China MC are not the first US credit institution to require approval from PBoC. Also, Amex (American Express) had submitted the file in 2018. PayPal is targetting GoPay (PP are willing to pay forContinue reading “MC (MasterCard) in China?”

Mobile apps for meditation

Those apps recorded $195M in 2019 – increasing by over 50% compared to previous year Apparently, such evolution has been originating from millennials’ lifestyles, such persons chosing to marry later in life and delay having children; and because of that, it seems they allow themselves more time to remain self-focused, compared with their parents’ generation.Continue reading “Mobile apps for meditation”